Established in Bologna in 1968 , RCM has been active for almost half a century in all segments of the molding industry.Our decades-long history , full of intuitions , success and recognition , leads to the present of a company capable of responding effectively to the needs of the most important actors in the sector and to compete dynamically with the future challenges of the global market. Strongly oriented to the values of quality, speed and customer satisfaction , RCM favours an ideal of lasting commercial relationship with the customer , provided highly functional development of better performance.

Our proposal consists of a full range
of products and services:

Production of die components, controls for dies and presses that meet the highest quality standards in the industry; Production of the die sets standard in series and special requirements; Machining of die sets others; Punches and dies coating , studied and produced ad hoc; Distribution of die components, controls for dies and presses from leading global brands in the sector; Marketing and after-sale service of machines ( new and used / refurbished ) , with particular specialization in the EDM type.


Angelo VendicatoreAngelo Vendicatore
10:30 19 Mar 22
Bushings and much more.
Luca MarchesiniLuca Marchesini
13:45 01 Nov 20
Cora KkkCora Kkk
17:39 21 Apr 20
Very friendly. Problem is if you go with a trailer you can not turn around.
Federico LandiFederico Landi
11:26 19 Jan 19
Alessio ZironiAlessio Zironi
15:55 19 Dec 18
In their field good.